Delivering unprecedent value to the IT & Telecom industries

Whitestack brings the best and more mature open technologies to the market


Highly scalable and cost-efficient public and private clouds with OpenStack.


Programmable, high perfomance and cost-efficient networks.


ETSI architecture to virtualize network functions in a vendor-agnostic fashion.


SDN, NFV, Cloud and NetDevOps training, in your language.

More efficient, innovative and accessible IT & Telecommunications Solutions

Regardless of existing technologies and current know-how.


Whistestack supports the telecommunications companies in the implementation of the most innovative technologies based on open source software and hardware, allowing them to evolve to a completely automated, elastic and more vendor-independent network, with lower CAPEX and OPEX.

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The transformation based on Cloud and SDN technologies allows companies to have an automated and more virtualized infrastructure for computing and communications, which adapts elastically to the needs of the business.

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The transformation datacenters are undergoing with technologies such as Cloud and Software Defined Storage/Networking, is not only changing their business, by securing more value, but that of their own clients, who gain access to a more efficient and elastic computing capacity, on demand.

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Open source projects we base our products in

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