OpenStack Administration

This technical course is aimed at preparing engineers to operate OpenStack based cloud infrastructure, covering the core OpenStack Services (Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Glance, Swift, Heat and Horizon). It is a fundamental training for engineers pursuing the "Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)" certification.

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Level of the course

  • Advanced

Course Format

  • 5 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 50% theory, 50% laboratory


  • WS-CLOUD1 course
  • Knowledge of Networking (L2/L3)
  • Experience on GNU/Linux (user level)


  • Project Engineers
  • Network/Cloud/IT Engineers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Consultants and Researchers


  • Understand in detail the role of OpenStack in managing virtualization infrastructure.
  • Get to know in detail the OpenStack project, its functions and operations.
  • Get familiarized with the operation of IaaS, implemented with Openstack, with its most used modules.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Review of Open Source Networking, Cloud Computing and NFV

    • The Open Source Networking movement and related projects
    • Fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing
    • Review of the NFV ETSI Architecture
    • Key technologies for NFV
  • Module 2: OpenStack components and architecture

    • The OpenStack project, its releases and community
    • OpenStack architecture, description of components and relationship with external components
    • The OpenStack Horizon or Dashboard project
    • Concepts and Laboratory:
    • Deploying the OpenStack cloud via Horizon and CLI
  • Module 3: Identity Management

    • Introduction to the Keystone project, review of its architecture and key concepts
    • Advanced Keystone project concepts
    • Concepts and laboratory:
    • Keystone Troubleshooting
  • Module 4: Computing in OpenStack

    • The Nova project and its internal components
    • Concepts and laboratory:
    • Image management (Glance Project)
    • Management of virtual instances using Nova (flavors, ssh keys, consoles, availability zone, etc)
  • Module 5: Storage in OpenStack

    • Technologies and types of storage
    • Block Storage with the Cinder Project
    • Object Storage with the Swift Project
    • Software Defined Storage
  • Module 6: OpenStack Networking

    • General networking topics
    • Architecture and relevant functionalities of the Neutron Project
    • Deployment and Operation of Neutron
    • Concepts and Laboratory:
    • Creating networks in OpenStack
    • Customizing and Troubleshooting Neutron
  • Module 7: Additional components

    • Orchestration with OpenStack Heat
    • Telemetry Project with the Ceilometer Project
    • Other components according to interest (ex. Murano, CloudKitty, Tacker, etc)
  • Workshop Module: General review in customized laboratory

Training available on-site, provided in English Spanish Portuguese

Note: The content of the courses may vary without prior notice, in order to accommodate new content or incorporate feedback from attendees.