Open Source MANO Hackfest

This course covers detailed concepts of Open Source MANO, including extensive hands-on over the complete set of functionalities of the software.

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Level of the course

  • Advanced

Course Format

  • 3 to 4 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 20% theory, 80% hands-on


  • WS-NFV1 course


  • Project Engineers
  • Network/Cloud/IT Engineers & Managers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Consultants and Researchers


  • Get familiar with OSM installation and user interfaces.
  • Master VNF and NS package building.
  • Understand advanced OSM orchestration (EPA, Day-2 configurations)
  • Understand advanced OSM features (Autoscaling, Network Slicing, PNF orchestration, SFC)

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to NFV and OSM

    • Introduction and vision of NFV
    • ETSI OSM role in NFV
    • OSM Architecture and Roadmap
  • Module 2: OSM Installation and first use

    • OSM installation (Release FIVE)
    • OSM user experience from the UI
    • OSM user experience from the client
  • Module 3: Creating a basic VNF and NS

    • Tutorial. Creating simple descriptors and packages
    • Hands-on session
  • Module 4: Modeling multi-VDU VNF

    • Tutorial. Creating complex descriptors and packages
    • Hands-on session
  • Module 5: Adding day-0 configuration to your VNF

    • Tutorial. Creating complex descriptors and packages with Day-0 configuration
    • Hands-on session
  • Module 6: Modeling EPA capabilities in your VNF descriptor

    • Tutorial. Creating complex descriptors and packages with EPA
    • Hands-on session
  • Module 7: OSM Fault & Performance Management

    • Tutorial. Collecting and visualizing metrics from VNFs
    • Hands-on session
    • Tutorial. Collecting, visualizing and reacting to events from VNFs
    • Hands-on session
  • Module 8: Adding day-1/day-2 configuration to your VNF.

    • Tutorial. Introduction to VNF Package Generation and VNF Primitives
    • Tutorial. Creating a charm for a VNF
    • Hands-on sessions
  • Module 9: Advanced Features

    • Service Function Chaining
    • PNF Instantiation & Management
    • Network Slicing

Training available on-site, provided in English Spanish Portuguese

Note: The content of the courses may vary without prior notice, in order to accommodate new content or incorporate feedback from attendees.