Software Defined Networks Fundamentals

This course covers the basic concepts of SDN (Sofware Defined Networks), including controllers, programmatic interfaces and use cases, as well as preparing attendees for the OCSA (ONF Certified SDN Associate) certification exam.

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Level of the course

  • Intermediate

Course Format

  • 2 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 60% theory, 40% hands-on


  • WS-INTR1 course
  • Knowledge of the architecture of a telecommunications network or data center
  • Experience in the design, deployment or operation of IP networks (L2/L3)


  • Project Engineers
  • Pre Sales Engineers
  • Network/Cloud/IT Engineers & Managers
  • Operation Engineers
  • Product/Project Managers
  • Consultants and Researchers


  • Identify SDN concepts and architecture proposed by the ONF.
  • Understand the operation of Openflow.
  • Get to know the typical use cases of SDN and Migration strategies.
  • Understand the ONF as a standardization organization, and identify the initiatives in which it participates.
  • Experiment with an SDN Controller in a simulated network.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: General Concepts

    • General Networking Concepts
    • Why SDN?
  • Module 2: Introduction to SDN

    • Challenges of current networks
    • Business case for SDN
    • Concept and modalities of SDN
    • Security and high availability
    • Organizations and standards
    • Related technologies
  • Module 3: OpenFlow

    • OpenFlow: What is it and how does it work?
    • OF-Config protocol
    • Flow processing
    • Equipment with OpenFlow support
    • OpenFlow status in SDN development
  • Module 4: SDN Open Source

    • Introduction to SDN Open Source
    • Open Source Controllers
    • OpenFlow Agents
    • Tools and related initiatives
  • Laboratory 1: Experimenting with SDN

    • Creating virtual topologies with Mininet
    • Controlling a Mininet network
    • Applications with an SDN controller
  • Module 5: SDN via Overlay and vendor APIs

    • SDN via Overlay
    • SDN via vendor APIs
    • State of the industry
  • Module 6: Use Cases

    • Data Centers
    • Companies and Campus
    • Core and WAN
    • Transport Networks
  • Module 7: Migration Strategies

    • General recommendations
    • Types of equipment and deployment
    • Planning
    • Case studies
  • Laboratory 2: ONOS and ODL

    • Exploring the ONOS controller and its REST API
    • Exploring the Open Daylight controller and its REST API

Training available on-site, provided in English Spanish Portuguese

Note: The content of the courses may vary without prior notice, in order to accommodate new content or incorporate feedback from attendees.